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Rinse Out Resin (ROR)

Rinses Out With Hot Water for Investment Casting

Rinse Out Casting Resin

Rinses out of investment using hot water!


No burn out or melt out!
ROR (Rinse Out Resin) allows for higher pattern resolution, intricacy and better finishes than other materials. Since the water rinse out replaces the burn out cycle, it eliminates the problems of patterns made from other materials due to leftover ash or polymer expansion.
Investment casters can benefit from the ease of casting ROR and the tenfold reduction in the time to create a casting.
Zero VOC
Fast Curing
Available in -V420 for curing by UV-light, LED or laser up to Violet 420nm.
Low Viscosity
Ec: <15mj/cm^2
Low odor
Zero VOC
Dissolves rapidly in hot water.
Cures by UV or visible light

Compatible with SLA, DLP and UV Inkjet 3D printers

For shipments outside the US please contact info@bucktownpolymers.com for delivery options.

ROR-V420 1Kg

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Total time 1 hour with 60C water.


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