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UV to Visible Blue Light Cured Resin

ZVE200-V470 is a single component zero volatile organic compound (VOC) resin and does not require any weighing or mixing. It cures rapidly when exposed to ultraviolet light and visible blue light up to 500nm and offers nearly unlimited working time before exposure. This is a tough, hard and low shrink resin.


Sensitive enough to cure by the blue light from standard unmodified Pico and Pocket sized LED projectors.
Low Viscosity
Low odor
Zero VOC Epoxy
High Performance and tough
Corrosion resistant
Cures by UV up to visible blue led, lamp or laser <500nm

Comaptible with SLA, laser, LCD and DLP 3D printers


Custom colors available by special order.
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For shipments outside the US please contact info@bucktownpolymers.com for delivery options or 200Kg drum pricing.

250g Tester Bottle - Yellow


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