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UV and Visible Light Cure Resins

EP200-V420 is a high performance epoxy resin. It cures rapidly when exposed to ultraviolet and visible light up to 420nm and offers nearly unlimited working time before exposure. This is an >70D shore hardness and under 1% shrink resin.

Lowest cost 3D printer resin
Compatible with SLA, MSLA, laser, higher powered LCD and DLP 3D resin printers <420nm
Cures by UV or visible light
Viscosity: ~200 cP's @25 C
Low odor
Available in three cure rates:
Slow (-S) for most higher powered SLA and DLP printers where melting the vat surface or overcuring is an issue.
Fast (-F) for continuous or layerless and other faster DLP 3D resin printers.
NEW - Very Fast (-FF) for many of newer lower cost MSLA LCD printers that lose much of their curing energy in the LCD.
EP200-V420 is available in 3 primary dye colors or Clear from stock.
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Clear
The entire RAL colour range as well as metallics are now available by special order. Contact us for pricing.

Starting at only $25/Kg!

For shipments over 20Kg outside the US please contact info@bucktownpolymers.com for delivery options.

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